Square edged beech lumber, lightly steamed, KD 8 ±2%

Thicknesses: 26/32/50mm

50 mm + for elements of length 250-400 mm
100 mm + for edged boards of length 900-2000 mm +
120 mm + for edged boards of length 2100 mm +

250-400 mm
500-900 mm
1000-1700 mm
1800-2000 mm
2100-4000 mm

Available quality for BEECH WOOD: A ; B; C

Quality description:

A: 4SC without defects or redheart,allowed small pin knots on the B side

B (Kern): Allowed healty redheart unlimited with small knots up to 10 mm on the B side

C: Allowed all of kind of discolouration,red and black heart,knots up to 50 mm